A Cumulative Research of Single Embryo Transfer from Colorado Centers for Egg Donation

Single Embryo Transfer

About SET or Single Embryo Transfer

Single embryo transfer is the recent buzz in the medical industry and commonly it utilizes process in vitro fertilization in the upcoming years. There has been a push in various states to decrease the number of multiple pregnancies with reduction in the number of embryo transfer with IVF.

As per the current guidelines, a maximum of 1 or 2 embryos can be transferred to the female partner under 35 years of age if the transfer is done within 2 to 3 days and a maximum of one embryo to be transferred for that age group if the transfer took place on the 5th day. This is called favorable prognosis.

Why the doctors call SET the safest pregnancy
Egg donation in Colorado is the place where many couples have find solace by bring up a happy family. They all returned with smiles and thanks to the thorough researches, which takes place here at every stage to gift a couple with child.

Well, the specialists call this as the safest form of pregnancy and give every couple a chance to give birth to a healthy baby. This is referred to as singleton pregnancy commonly and it does not have risk associated compared to multiple pregnancies.

How SET takes place?

Well, we generally refer SET or Single embryo transfer with in vitro fertilization (IVF). It generally takes place in the high quality laboratory and it has been found in several laboratories as the best solution for the patients with a good prognosis chance.

On whom this therapy is possible

As per the egg donation in Colorado is concerned, the common observation shows that patient under the age of 35 years or who conceived with their first IVF cycle prefer this process. Even this is applicable for those who are concerned about the nature and risks of the multiple pregnancies or those under the use of donor or eggs.

Let us get into the details of this phase –

Embryo transfer is the process by which one or several embryos are placed in the patient’s uterus. However, with single embryo transfer everything has changed. As the name suggest, only a single embryo transferred and placed in the fallopian tube. Well, in this case, the embryo chosen is fresh or a frozen embryo prior to an IVF cycle. Well, in some cases the embryo from the donor is also granted.

In case of the cumulative research of the experts here at the egg donation clinic in Colorado, we have seen that that transferring single embryos over multiple IVF cycles is less expensive as well as effective in the long run. Moreover, with the use of SET is likely going to result in reduction in the multiple births, reduce, and risk of complication.


1. It helps to reduce the risk associated to those of multiple pregnancies
2. Lowers the risk of complication such as premature birth of the babies


1. The success rate of the transfer is quite lower compared to the multiple transfer
2. Higher financial costs for prolong treatments and ailments