The Colorado Egg Donor Experience

Fertility Clinic with Egg DonorsEgg donors make the commitment of donating eggs to a couple that needs help with fertility issues.  The donors will go through several processes that can seem overwhelming at times.  Although the whole Colorado egg donor experience can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating, the majority of women who have donated eggs continuously return for the rewarding experience of helping a couples dream come true by bringing a life into the world.

The experience of donating eggs begins with the important decision to help others.  Once this decision has been made, there is an application process to determine if the possible donor is eligible for the medical and psychological exam.  If all this criteria is met, the donor will then go through hormone stimulation, monitoring, and egg donation.

Meeting Donor Criteria

Since the entire process of donating eggs is expensive and time consuming, donors have to meet important criteria to ensure their health and safety, as well as the eggs and those who are receiving them.  An initial application is used to determine if the possible donor is eligible for the next process.  The application will require personal and medical information, and if this criteria is met the application is accepted and a medical and psychological evaluation is scheduled.

These two evaluations generally take an hour each and include:

  • During the medical exam the egg donor coordinator will explain the entire process to the donor and determines if they are medically capable of being a donor.  This requires a physical exam by the doctor, as well as urine and  blood samples being obtained.  The blood is tested to rule out any communicable diseases, hepatitis B, or C, syphilis, HIV (AIDS), chlamydia, and gonorrhea.


  • When this criteria is met the donor will then receive a psychological evaluation. A psychological exam is used to determine if the donor is mentally healthy and mature enough to handle the psychological issues that can be associated with donating eggs. The psychological test is generally an evaluation with a psychologists. At this time they will discuss all the psychological aspects of donating eggs.  At this time they will discuss all the psychological aspects of donating eggs.


Being an Official Donor

Once all the criteria is met, the applicant becomes an official donor and prepares for the next steps. Since the donor will be giving themselves injections throughout the process, she is required to attend a class on self-injections. These injections are used to stimulate the development of the eggs and promote their growth. Following this process, the injections will begin, and the final steps of the donation will start. These include:

  • Self-Injections– This process begins with injecting hormonal medication with ‘little needle” shots of hormones that are similar to what the body naturally produces to stimulate egg production.  This stimulates the ovaries into developing multiple follicles, which will contain eggs.  An injection is also used for timing and maturation of the egg for the retrieval process, this injection using a longer needle and is given into the muscle.


  • Monitoring– The donor is carefully monitored throughout the process with blood tests and ultrasound examinations.  The blood is analyzed to determine the donor’s response to the medication, and the ultrasounds are used to monitor the eggs growth.


  • Egg Retrieval– After the final injection the donor is then scheduled for the egg retrieval.  During the retrieval, the donor is sedated and monitored by an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist. With the use of an ultrasound probe and specialized needle, the eggs are then retrieved through the vaginal wall.  This process takes approximately 10-20 minutes, and the donor is then taken to a recovery room.


The recovery lasts between 1 to 2 hours, and the donor is then released to return home.  It is recommended to refrain from sexual activity until the follow-up exam that takes place two weeks later. After this exam the donation process has been completed.