Tips for Donors

Colorado Egg Donor ClinicMaking the decision to donate eggs is a life changing experience for both the donor and the recipient. For the donor this could mean a generous compensation to pay off student loans or other debt, as well as the personal satisfaction of helping create a child for a loving couple that has struggled with pregnancy. For the recipient, this means the possibility of their dreams coming true by completing their family.

The possibility of helping create a child for another couple is a selfless act that few people experience. Becoming an egg donor requires commitment, patience, and taking on many new responsibilities that can seem overwhelming at times. This includes attending numerous appointments with fertility doctors, psychologists, and lawyers, which all work with the donors and recipients to ensure their health and well-being, as well as protect the legal rights of the donor, recipient, and clinic.

Here are some tips to keep in mind throughout the many processes to make them go as smoothly and stress free as possible.

The Application

Filling out the application is the first process that needs to be carefully considered before beginning. Take the time to find out all the required information, so the application can be accurately and honestly completed. The purpose of the application is to determine if the possible donor meets the basic criteria for the egg donation procedure. Further screening processes will determine if the information from the application is correct, so by not filling it out correctly and honestly, the time of everyone involved could be wasted.

Medical and Psychological Screening

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This is an important process that ensures the donor is both physically and mentally healthy enough to undergo the procedure. It’s important to remember that this is done to protect the health and safety of both the donor and recipient. Generally, the initial medical examination is done in one session, but as with any type of appointment, medical and psychological screenings can be inconvenient and sometimes frustrating.

Try to keep a flexible schedule, make sure the clinic is aware of your current work schedule, and notify them of the distance that you must travel. It’s important to make this experience as pleasant and convenient as possible, so working around the donor’s schedule is a top priority. The psychological evaluation is also usually done in one session, but could take several hours to complete.

The Donation Process


Egg Donation DenverOnce the medical and psychological screening is complete, the legal paper work is then finalized. The donor can have
their own attorney present for the legal session. After being selected to donate eggs to a couple, the donor will begin taking medication to stimulate the ovaries. These appointments and medications are critical for the health and development of the eggs, so it’s important to understand the procedures and instructions completely.

Always do this to the best of your ability and ask any questions if something is not understood. If you begin to feel any type of symptoms that are not regular, inform the physician immediately. The day of the egg retrieval procedure, donors will require transportation home, so remember to have reliable transportation. The health and safety of the donor is the top priority, and if the donor has concerns regarding any part of the processes, never hesitate to discuss it with a physician.