Criterias to Become An Egg Donor

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While motherhood is considered a boon on any women, there are many who are not able to conceive and that can be a devastating truth for them. The inability to conceive can happen for various reasons which are purely medical and with the advancing medical sciences, today they are just another disorder that can be put right back to order with the help of science. The technology of fusing the egg and the sperm outside the womb of a mother has been devised today and that has in turn made it possible for millions of mother to conceive. For the aid of women who cannot conceive for some medical troubles, there are group of respected women who are as generous as to share their symbols of motherhood with them. One can become an egg donor for such a noble cause and help millions of mother in their need for this method of tasting the bliss of motherhood.

However there are certain criteria to be fulfilled and abided by in order to benefit from this technology and get a successful implant. The patient who is receiving the egg should have uterus and also the uterus should be in proper shape ad function correctly. In case they do not have these requirements, they will also need a gestational carrier for the pregnancy to happen.

In case of the woman who is donating the eggs, thereare also a set of criteria that needs to be fulfilled for her to qualify as the donor.

Criterias to Become An Egg Donor

• The women who are going to donate their eggs should not have premature menopause or any kind of trouble with their period cycle.
• They should have proper formed ovaries and there must not be absence of ovaries since birth.
• Women with records of cancer and those who have undergone the chemotherapy cannot play the role of the donor.
• The quality of the oocytes of the woman should be superior to become an egg donor.
• They should be in between 21 and 32 years.
• The women should not have past histories of ovarian surgery or any genetically disease history in the family.

If you want to become an egg donor you should also remember about the potential risks associated with it. The process is more or less same as the process of sperm donation but it is more complicated than that since the eggs has to extract with ultrasound guided transvaginal egg retrieval. The entire process can be hectic for the donor. But often this technique when you register with reputed clinics as donor pays one enough to pay off their student loans and hence one can find an influx of women between 21-26 opting for this method for earning. It is a noble cause and when earing is involved though it feels harsh but in reality the help is mutual for the one who receives the eggs and the donor too.